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East Kent College: Last Day In The Workshop: Compression Test


Well it’s my last practical day at level 1. I’ve cleared my locker out but I think I’ll hold on to the key for next year. Had nothing specific to do today and I’ve never carried out a compression test, so I thought it would be something to tick off the endless list of things to do…..

The Primera has to be the best car in the workshop, with it’s GA16DE engine looking old and dusty at just over 100k miles although it runs excellent. Engine bay is also a nice layout with really good access to pretty much everything. Hopefully I can work on this car a lot when I start Level 2 in September.


The engine.


Leads pulled.


Injectors pulled.


All 4 disconnected.


Plugs removed.


Access for the compression test reader.


Compression testing uses a lot of battery power for cranking the engine so the charger was put on.


Going from the timing chain end this is cylinder 1. I went from 1-4 carrying out a dry test. My lesson was running out so I added some oil to cylinder 1 to perform a wet test, then packed up for lunch.

Here is a Video of the compression testing 1-4 on dry.


Time for the plugs to go back in.


All back to how it was. Will leave it on charge for a bit.

Going into college tomorrow but not for workshop or anything, more like just making 100% sure all the portfolio stuff is fine. No doubt grab a Dominos pizza and chill out in the LRC or something. The blog will go on, I still have other previous units to throw up on here 😀 I won’t know if I passed level 1 until August eek !



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