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Film: Under The Skin


This film was great. It gives little away and leaves you needing to know more. It’s visually impressive with fantastic backdrops and an artistic approach to present the characters through the film. I watched it pretty late and though I felt tired I could not settle for watching half of the film, I had to see it to the end. I knew about the films release but never looked into it because I knew it could potentially ruin the viewing experience.

If you are going to to see this film don’t read about or go on image searches just watch it ! One of the best films I have seen this year for the fact it’s so mysterious and very addictive. The film could of been shorter and you do feel this about half way into the film, but it just gets more intense when it steps passed this phase. It’s a pretty dark film so don’t watch it during the day ! The above is 1920 if you feel the need to have a new desktop wallpaper !



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