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104: Spark Ignition Systems (Mondeo Continued)


Was hoping to finish all this Friday but I got asked to do some interview thing all morning so that was my practical lesson out the window…. Anyway back on the Solus Mondeo mystery. Picking up from before I disconnected the harness from the coilpack….


And the result was code P1039 ! This code is for the VSS sensor though !?


I think I really need that S69 Ford/Volvo personality key now ! Something I forgot but will check next time is what software version the scanner is on at the latest out is 14.2. If it’s not on there I might ask about getting it updated, although to do this legit costs $1000 ! Maybe the college should just trade this in for the Ultra ?

Okay so lets move onto removing the lambda (or should I say one of them because this has got two).


This is a bit of a mess really.


It’s clearly disconnected now !


Back on the ground with the exhaust extractor on.


Could not find any errors until I looked into the drive cycle log. I believe a drive cycle is when the actual vehicle has been on a decent run (20 mins of driving at least).  In reality though the cars go nowhere, they are not fit for the road. Finally we have a code that makes sense here  P0141 meaning there is a problem with the secondary o2 sensor. I can clear this code and refit it now.

I also found out you can get a diagnostics mode up on the Mondeo by holding the tach reset button down while turning on the ignition. The amount of info you can get seems to differ depending on the model of Mondeo and where it was built. Well that is all for now. I don’t know if I will get much work done next week because of some activity day for students to get to know the teachers and learn about the college ? I’m supposed to attend but honestly I don’t see the point since I been there coming up a year now. What I would like to do is perform a compression test since I have not had the opportunity to do this yet. If I can it will probably be on the Mondeo because I think most of the other cars are not running.






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