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East Kent College: EKC FEST, Broadstairs Campus


Found out the other day there is some end of year social event being held at the Broadstairs campus. I’m going to check it out but more importantly I will check out their motor vehicle facility and speak to whoever organises the trips to find out if the Dover campus is eligible to attend future trips as well. I was suprised to find out EKC went to the Motor Expo at Canary Wharf because it was something I mentioned months ago at Kcollege as an idea for next year. If it’s boring then I will end up going to revolution skate park for the afternoon. I’ll leave this post on some old photos I took from the Expo from way back in 2007/2008 !


2007 – Land Rover


2007 – 1st gen Honda NSX


2007 – The Land/Range Rover obstacle course was open for the public to experience. Crazy when you climb up the main ramp over the truck !


2007 – LD


2008 – Pagani Zonda F Roadster


2008 – BMW 635d Sport


2008 – Veilside FD RX7


2008 – These two were creating a lot of noise thanks to the tall buildings.


2008 – E92 BMW M3


2008 – lamborghini gallardo


Think that is enough for now.


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