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105: Electrical Systems (battery testing continued)


This tool is new to me, it’s called a refractometer. It is for testing the antifreeze content in coolant, windscreen liquid as well as battery acid…..or according to It’s something to do with cannabis plants !? Anyway I’m charging this battery for the other ongoing diagnostics issue mentioned in the 104 spark ignition unit the other day. Basically I take a sample of the distilled water (battery acid) from a cell and put it on the refractometer, close the the glass shutter down and look through the scope. It’s best to look through the scope after 30 seconds for a good reading….


Took down battery specs.


Compared to another battery (70AH) the capacity of energy the battery can store. Cold cranking performance is more important on diesel engines.


Battery on charge.


Battery cell cap tool.


Using this to extract some of the distilled water.


With a small sample put onto the refractometer, when you look through this is what you see. I actually put the digital camera onto the refractor lens which managed to work okay. This is for cell six and the end of the battery. This is reading just over 1.125 Kg/L approx.


Here is the reading for cell one which is reading a little under 1.125 Kg/L so in all the battery is failing (no suprise).


This is another type of reader than can be used. Notice the black pointer is giving the same reading at the refracometer. So this was something worth doing while the battery charges, then I will carry on with the diagnostics nightmare.



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