My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

Maths, English and PSD


So I got my LV2 Maths result the other day and it was 32/40 so I’m very happy to pass ! I have already passed English LV2 with 23/25 and seeing I did higher tier english at school it makes me wonder why I even needed to do it in the first place. PSD is all passed as well with my Forza Challenge coming in as my personal project to wrap everything up. This is excellent because it means when I do Level 2 automotive next year I am not required to sit any other subjects. Other students who sit Level 1 maths and English will have to do it all over next year to obtain level 2, and I would not want to be doing that with all the work that is involved in the level 2 automotive course alone. My automotive portfolio should be getting sent off for marking soon.


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