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104: Spark Ignitions Engine Systems



Finally on my last unit, another optional one but wow what good would it be going into level 2 not knowing how to deal with electrical diagnostics. It’s nearly the end of the college year and I still had not used any ODB readers or data-link equipment for that matter…. So the jobs for 104 are as followed:

1. Removing An Engine Position Sensor

2. Removing An Ignition Coil

3. identifying engine fault codes

So those are the 3 main tasks to carry out and I also need to collect the following data as well:

1. Fault code for engine position sensor

2. Fault code for lambda sensor

3. Fault code for ignition coil

Okay so there is a quick way of doing this. Just take the components off and refit them then look-up the error codes on autodata…. But I thought I would try to actually simulate the jobs by doing the following:

1. Remove/disconnect electrical component

2. Run diagnostics on vehicle so It picks up the problem

3. Refit electrical component and clear the code if needed


So lets make a start on the crankshaft sensor:


Did not know where the EPS was so I went on autodata. According to autodata it’s next to the rocker cover somewhere !? 😀 So with that I decided to look for it myself…


Wheels up.


Here it is !


Now it’s disconnected.


Next to find the data link connection point firstly via autodata…..


Or just look around under the dash (this one was very obvious).


So next it was onto using this for the first time. I had no idea where it was kept so a level 2 student dug it out and ran me through it. It was in a state, the cables all just knotted together in one big mess so i sorted all that out first.


I was told to use key S44 for this particular car…




Ok this fits good as well !


Ignition on (engine management light on).


I was shown through the menus and this the resulting code from doing a scan ‘P1633’……. This is the only code that was coming up so I assumed that was for the EPS.


I reconnected the crank sensor because my lesson was up for today (and the car obviously wont start with it left off). Here is a simple video showing the car not being able to start if the EPS is not connected.



So now I thought this simple job was done. I checked the code P1633 and it’s not to do with the crank sensor or EPS at all ! So now I am confused as to why the Solus scanner did not even detect the EPS being disconnected ? Also I got this other code to deal with now so I have now looked this up at home:


These are the code(s) I should of been getting on the Solus based on disconnecting the EPS ‘P0335’ or ‘P0336’ ! :s


Based on this finding I will be doing the following next week:

1. Charging the battery out of the car or swapping out the battery completely.

2. Checking the main power harness over + grounding wires in the bay.

3. I don’t think the alternator is the problem but I will take a look at it.

4. Go over the Scanner, check personality key, make sure the unit is setup correctly.

So my new task from here is to see if I can clear this 1633 code which judging from what I have found online can be really tricky to resolve, because it can be so many things that trigger this fault.

I will do another update on this next week sometime.







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