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Went to a meeting the other week. I decided seeing I’m supposed to be doing the communications role next year I should have a go at typing the minutes up. Basically I just type what was discussed and agreed on in the meeting then that goes online for students and staff to view. I think it went okay but I will get better at the role over time.

I have no idea when the next meeting is because our youth worker has just left the college and well everyone has disappeared now lol. There was supposed to be an end of year social event which was being dubbed “summer ball” but that has since been cancelled. I think it could of been good but it just didn’t lift off enough. I got involved with trying to help with new poster ideas and also going round the college to basically interrupt lessons and tell people about this party lol. It’s being made a priority for next year though (I think) 🙂

I’ve started a One drive directory for my minutes files which can be read here:

It’s still done under the K college name for now because we have not changed to the East Kent constitution yet.


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