My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

Forza Challenge Update


Well this event was to be honest a failure. Here are some of the main reasons:

– The good weather so nobody was at college

– Exams were on so if anyone was at college it was just for that

– The room was in a rather remote part of the college

– You needed your college ID to get up into the room where it was hosted (and most students don’t have these either through loosing them or other reasons)


My timing sheet concept setup on the smart board with no times set  😦

Still the initial event good fun with some of the other students in my class. I’m going to start it again around Christmas sometime in a more social part in the college if the East Kent College people will allow it. I also got into trouble because the game was turned up pretty loud and I left a few doors open. Obviously I was just making sure people knew where it was going down, but turns out there was some exams on and you could literally hear it through the whole building lol.


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