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The eBay/postal service Nightmare


I been on the ebayzzz since 2001 and never known anything like it. I order this car part (nothing to do with the picture that is just from Google for comedy)… which is supposed to come the next day…. and it didn’t. After a week I opened a dispute and the seller sent out another one….Somehow that did not show up either ? Eventually on week 3 i gave up and got a refund. I ordered the part from another seller and it shows up next day no problem !

Seeing the original seller did communicate well and refunded me there must of been some issue within the royal mail. It’s just typical when I really need something to arrive in the post that is for a job something tends to go wrong. The part was for the golf cylinder head called a ‘cam rotation sensor’ which seeing the car had done 100k miles it was ideal to replace this. Cylinder head is all finished and looks 100 times better than when I first took it off the car.



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