My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

Latest Updates…

Have not posted much just been pretty busy. Latest news is that I have been voted in as the new communications officer for the college. Starting September I will be running communications for the Student Union which should be a good learning experience and fun for me because it should involve some creative design, posters, sorting out erm well… communications lol.

I have been totally side tracked in the workshop and I am now helping someone out of the college with a car they just picked up. It’s a MK4 Golf GTI which has a leaking water pump, head gasket failure and a misfire… So it’s all in bits and I’ve stripped the head down for Kent Auto Panels to skim then I will be sorting out the valves then rebuilding. Lots will be done to this car such as cambelt, aux belt, head recon, water pump, HT leads, new oil etc…..

Forza Challenge did not go well really. The turnout was poor and me and my friends got into trouble because the game could be heard through the whole building….oh and there was exams on ! I’ve scrapped the competition but it’s still gone down for my personal project. I hope to run the event perhaps at Christmas time somewhere more social anb when the weather is crap so people are indoors more.

The polo gearbox has been a nightmare. For some reason it’s not lining up with the differential so that will need checking over as well tomorrow but I will be spending most of my morning working on the Golf cylinder head and grinding in the valves so they are sealed good ! Wow ” Bruce Springsteen – River ” It’s like my fave tune when going fishing and was on the workshop radio the other day great stuff !





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