My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

Forza Challenge Begins !

lap challenge 1 small

So for PSD my last piece of work to do is a personal project about basically anything. I had been thinking about organising a gaming club of some sort at the college but I have now decided to try a single month event based around Forza 4. It’s a simple idea that I will run for an hour at lunchtime every Friday over May. Students can do two laps maximum and set their best time around the Barcelona circuit in the Lexus LFA. At the end of the month the five best times will get prizes along with one student winning the random prize draw, which is a sort of incentive for those who are not so competitive.

Student elections end this week as well and I’m running for Communications and Campus President lol ! It’s a bit tricky though because all the other students who are running study more mainstream courses so they know a lot more people and will probably get a lot more votes than me. I’m more focused on the forza challenge right now though haha !

Practical work has been very slow and I’m still messing around with the polo transmission. The problem with the gearbox is that  the thing has been apart so many times bits are missing and parts are damaged beyond use. I’ll throw it back together and move onto another optional unit, either spark ignition systems or electrical systems.



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