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107: Driveline Maintenance

Okay so i am now starting the more optional side of the level 1 course now i have completed the following mandatory units:

The following will not be marked by City & Guilds but are all required to develop my skills for level 2:


So it’s the driveline unit right now which is a challenge as I know very little about gearboxes and clutches. I’m currently in the process of stripping down an old 85-90 Volkswagen transmission unit which I was honestly quite lost with at first. Taken it all apart soon become quite simple once i was shown what tools are ideal for the job. I used the hydraulic press which made a massive bang when 4th gear was removed from the shaft lol (it was really tight) and it was fun to heat up the gears on the gas burner to expand them and refit. Here are some random shots of the work in process….

Best start with this cover 🙂


WTF is this then ! Okay it’s 5th speed but damn look at these gears chipped with helical teeth missing everywhere.


Just like any other diff I guess….


Oh dear where should I start !


Skip 20 minutes and one shaft is out.


Well I found a book.


These synchro hubs require heat to be fitted back on the shafts. You know something is hot when it has that white glaze going on lol 😀


Getting there…. I’ll do another update on the transmission sometime because this is far from finished.






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