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Book: Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology Workbook 2


I honestly picked this book up ages before I considered studying car mechanics. It was sitting in this sale bin at my local waterstones for £2.99 and it only caught my eye because of the S2000 on the front cover. I did a couple of pages and just never read it again because I did not understand much of it. Having come back to the book just this week I must say i can answer a lot more questions and now enjoy what it has to offer. It follows all the core subjects just such as ‘steering & suspension’ or ‘transmission systems’ and so on…. My college swears by all the Hilliers books which I know are good for reading, but this workbook is just packed with questions which makes it ideal for studying at home. The book works in a clever way by which if you are really in the mood to do a lot of work then there are plenty of tricky questions to answer and diagrams to draw. On the other hand it also has a more relaxed approach such as crosswords and paragraphs where you need to fill in the missing pieces of text. I find myself flicking through the book and just filling in bits and pieces that i understand, along with trying to get my head around the sort of things i need to know for level 2 (eeek :D)

So the one I have here is ‘workbook 2’ which is for level 2 students. If you are on level 1 you will find this book to be a bit challenging but an excellent asset for future studies. What i would say is get this book but don’t start on it until you are at least half way through level 1. I’m going to crack on with this book and report back now and then on how it has helped me. below are some random pages so you can see what the book is like……






Automotive Skills: Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology Workbook 2, is available online for next to nothing. Be sure to dig up one for yourself !


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