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Phase Test 3 (LV5): Engines / Start of driveline unit work


Had this phase test the other week to finish on engines. I passed okay with 76% but there was a section on carburetors which I was not expecting because we have never covered them in class. Maths exam next which I really hope i pass so i am done with it….. :0

Moving on from tests is the new unit i am working on which is drive-line and transmissions. I started off with an old Rover 200 engine already on a stand and got the gearbox bell housing off the engine block and took the clutch out for inspection. The clutch plate was sort of falling to pieces and for some reason the clutch release bearing was missing ??!! . After doing all the needed analysis on that i threw it back together and have just started on the Mondeo as one of the tasks is to ‘top up the transmission fluid’ but i think I will go a step further and drain it then refill.

Bearing inspection (on another box).


Gearbox off the static rover motor.


Clutch coming off flywheel.


Understanding alignment tools.



Using a better alignment tool.



Will put up the transmission fluid change up sometime later.



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