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Formula 1 and TORC round 2.

Hulkenberg of Germany drives ahead of Perez of Mexico during the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in Sakhir

Well the F1 race was excellent, best one in a while. It seems the Mercedes has a massive advantage over the rest of the teams right now which is sort of annoying because they can just pull a big gap at the front. But on the upside the battles between Hamilton and Rosberg were great. It was great to see Force India do well with 3rd and 5th place, I think their car is the best looking one out there this year and Hulkenberg is a very reliable points scorer so he is the one i cheer for this year. What about the accident with Gutierrez, his car pretty much did a 360 kickflip !


So after the F1 there was literally nothing to watch on TV so i went on youtube and noticed ‘live TORC round 2 from Primm NV’ so i threw that on which was in HD as well. Lots of nice jumps and one guy crashed over the track barrier (3:19:28 on video). I only caught the last hour but here is the whole 4 hours near enough ! Always something good on it’s just a matter of knowing where and when.






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