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Bonus workshop session today, coolness.



If I could be in the college workshop everyday I obviously would…

I only get two morning sessions a week so it was great news that we had a one off afternoon in the workshop.

I’m up to date on all my work so I was instructed to do something not relevant to my course but very important to learn for level 2 and beyond and that is dealing with snapped/sheared off bolts.

I was given this static KA engine which all 4 of the OHV cover bolts had been snapped off into the cylinder head. They were truly stuck in there good so I stripped most parts off and eventually drilled them out on the pillar drill.

After this I used a tap set to sort out the threads. My teacher for the afternoon (Frank) also showed me a helical coil insert kit which I never used seeing the original threads were saved but was interesting to learn about as it was totally knew to me.

Good to know not all is lost if something threaded gets truly ruined ! Here are some random shots from the task.


Tissue to stop metal getting everywhere.


Punch for priming before drilling.


Fitting a decent drill bit.


M6 tap session (stage 1)


Cleaning off.


Torque to 30nm + 90 deg + 90 deg anti spiral.


Intake going back on.


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