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002: Liquid Engine Cooling Systems

Got this unit done with in 2 morning practical lessons. Three tasks to carry out for this one…

Replace a drive belt or similar,


Replace a radiator,


Replace a thermostat,


As soon as i saw these jobs i wasted no time and got straight to work on the Ford KA before someone else did. The cars lack of features and simple small engine unit means easy access to all the components i need to take out. With plenty of time to spare i was able to make some new paper gaskets for the thermostat housing and to put in my portfolio. I ended up learning how thermistors operate and vary in different engines to if the resistance goes up or down based on the water/coolant temperature, and to finish off i put a thermostat in some seriously hot water to see how it opens up then closes when cooling down. Thanks to Barry for teaching me about these extra bits.


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