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Moto GP 2014: Qatar




Moto GP is back this year but sadly no longer on the BBC. Luckily though I can still watch it for free on BT Sport on my PC. The trouble is though my internet currently has a serious download speed issue so I was just able to watch the race with major buffering problems. It’s been a nightmare to be honest and after two open-reach engineers it still has not been resolved. I knew there was not a problem at the house and the engineer spent 5 hours checking everything over. I sent the second engineer away to the exchange lol, to check that out and he reported speed problems there. So now I have to wait for more updates from BT wholesale as  engineers sort the problem out. The race at Qatar was awesome though, such a shame Bradley Smith went off though ! Here are some random photos from the internetz but i suggest you go download the race from somewhere perfectly legal because the battles are great. Was good to see Rossi in the mix and the Honda factory bikes are still super quick ! Sometime in the future I am determined to get my motorbike licence as well now. The concept of going through life without owning a nice road bike is impossible for me. Here are three bikes that I would like to own starting with the oldest:


GPZ400R (1986)

kawazaki gpz 400 r 1985 re

ZXR400 (1999)


CBR1000RR (2008)


Okay enough dreaming 😀




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