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K College: SU Post

I’ve been on the amazing program that is Microsoft word to basically type out all my thoughts surrounding why I want to get involved with the student union and things I want to highlight.

I’ve entered myself as a candidate for being a communications officer at the college and there is some sort of question and answers session next week that i have to attend. Even if I don’t get elected for the upcoming elections there are still things I’m going to push for like the monthly gaming challenge / ideas to improve facilities / pushing online platforms to deliver information better. So here are some ideas of mine right now:

A Montly newsletter:

I think the college really needs something like this. A main page in a blog format or similar with rich content highlighting each month. I would also like it to be something anyone can contribute too. This means along with standard updates people can also do their own newsletters/showcases/reports/polls and show what they are up to at college. Moodle actually has some feature like this called the “site blog” and I registered my WordPress into it which is about my time in automotive mechanics. Trouble is WordPress blogs appear to be blocked ? So i think site filtering needs to be opened up a little.

Using technology and saving money:

So we can use out ID cards for buying food and drink etc at the Costa, as an incentive I think there should be better discounts to persuade more people to use the facility as opposed to going into town.

lunchtime activity ideas:
Monthly gaming challenge – A racing lap challenge on a driving game for example, with the fastest times winning cash prizes.
Monthly artwork challenge – Could be presented round college. sketching, computer, oil based, etc.. Something interesting to put up on the walls and a way for students to express themselves and showcase their talents to others. Something to break up all of the mostly informative notices in college.

A new place for students to hang out and socialize:

Sometimes you cannot get somewhere to sit and eat/socialize in the Cambia building due to meetings and other events like Offsted inspectors or people hosting meetings etc… Perhaps we need another room opened somewhere on campus for people to hang out and eat. The youth club is great but I’m too old to go in there according to them and it’s not always open.

Idea of the week:

A consistent amount of regular updates to benefit students on campus, even if they are small things.

Phone owners and low battery situations:

A simple idea I have is for the LRC to have a few multi adapter chargers for a wide range of phone phone models which people could quickly borrow and use in the LRC. Also perhaps to use for charging elsewhere on campus students use their ID card so if a charger is not returned we know who had it last. I know this sort of falls under “personal communication” but it’s very important for some people to have their handheld mobile devices up and running.

Pushing Online Platforms:
Whatever platform we have starting September whether it is moodle or similar to this I want it to be more open and social for students to use.

K college has various feeds such as the main kcollege feed/k college photography/ with lots of great content flowing out, but unless you really look for these feeds you miss a lot of stuff.I’ve been thinking of events that might be going down at other campuses that you might wanna check out but how will you know if don’t see these posts online.
I would like the introduction of the following:

An online forum with appropriate sub forum categories so everyone can easily talk about college courses
Embedded services like Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and whatever other feeds that are much more visible to the students, for example the Dover LRC twitter feed which is on the LRC page which should be on the homepage.

A main pipeline feed of information like a twitter feed that just outputs everything at Dover college such as the SU/Kcollege/LRC and other relevant departments so nobody misses anything. Info from other colleges like Broadstairs who we are merging with, what are they up to ? It’s good to know whats going on elsewhere as well…

Lets have an open approach to trips and events with students getting a say in with their ideas of where to go and what to do.

Lastly to use social media and online platforms to output the student union to it’s full potential with consistent updating.

Be sure students are aware of everything the college has to offer to them.

I’ll bring these points up in the next meeting. That is all for now 🙂


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