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Cycling to Dover College….


Now that the weather is quite nice and I have finally switched my tyres from ‘IRC Mud Mads’ to ‘DMR Motos’ cycling 14miles to college each day is going well. The only main issue I have found is cycling back on one of the B roads which is a bit narrow in places, so you have to watch out for the big Folkestone to Dover bus ! I can get to Dover in around 25 minutes but it takes longer getting back typically 45minutes due to the incline. I have been thinking a lot about where my bike is kept and why nobody probably cycles to college apart from me and two other people.

What I have decided to work on is the following:

1. The college bike lockup facility sucks ! (my tyres don’t even fit into the locking points).

2. The smoking area near the cycle lockup area could be improved (I don’t smoke myself, but seeing it’s next to the cycle lockup maybe it should be improved as well).

3. Increase the amount of people who cycle to college (yeah this one could be a bit tricky)

I have made this sort of action plan below to outline what I have done so far. Hopefully I can pull off the rest in the coming months so check back for updates on this….

Cycle outline plan 2014







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