My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

What I’ve done so far……

So I joined K-college in September 2013 determined to get some kind of career in the automotive industry as the end goal. I got to start from the bottom, with no workshop experience and having only dabbled in various bits of work on my own and friends cars. I know it’s a long road but it should be an enjoyable one I hope …..

I start off by refreshing myself skills-wise. Since school was a while ago I’m doing a Level 2 in maths, English and personal social development. I got exams popping up over spring so hopefully i will pass these and have more time to focus on other stuff like the student union.

Automotive is going well and I’m just on the Level 1 course this year. Some students have dropped out which is a shame although the course has been going fine and I’m getting good feedback from my lecturers.

I hope to start up some activities at the college so students can have more fun with events and hopefully video game challenges etc..

Here are some random photos of work I’ve been doing from September till now.

Oil / Oil filter changes


Auxiliary / Drive belt changes


Static engine rebuild task (good fun this one)


That’s all I’ll throw on here for now. I will relay all my level 1 course tasks in more detail over the coming months.

Kenny. 🙂


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